Saturday, 24 September 2011

Dear all

Dear all members and reader of From The Captain's Chair.

Since this site was founded in 2007 I have enjoyed making the odd contribution, be it a back to back of cars from the armchair or a report of an old heap from behind the wheel. However, I have increasingly found that maintaining a website and a blog seperately was unviable, and frankly there are better ways of integrating the two than I managed to achieve here. As such, I have moved the majority of this website's content across to the new From The Captain's Chair Wordpress site, the rest to follow when suitably formatted.

However, if I am to only update the new Wordpress site, I run the risk of losing readers who see this and assume I have forgotten or lost interest in the old blog. As such, from the beginning of October I shall be redirecting the site feed (for followers) to my new website, if I can work out how!

The new website can be found at People are more than welcome to subscribe using the widgets on the side - and if the notification feed doesn't change then please do let me know!

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