Monday, 17 March 2008

Time machines and Triumph Dolomites

There is an ebay seller who has occupied my dreams for the last year. He goes by the name of thedoctor102, and almost every time I visit eBay he has at least one car from the 60s, 70s, or 80s with the sort of mileage and in the sort of condition you'd expect from your brand new Ford Focus. When I looked today, he had a mint 331-mile Morris Ital HL, and a 9000-mile Hillman Super Imp. In the past, he has had several Minis, Avengers, another Ital, Jag XJs, an early 316, and a late Dolomite 1300. All in better condition than the day they left the factory, and with under 20000 miles on them.

And it's got me thinking; if I had the time machine he undoubtedly has, what would I bring myself back?

It's tricky, the cars must have that special something. Speed, elegance, eccentricity, that je ne sais quoi that you just will not find in a Nissan Micra, or a Lexus.

I think I've managed to narrow it down however to a select few cars that I would love to have. I know this is similar to my 'dream garage' post of a few months ago, but bear with me.

I would bring back a Rover SD1 VP EFi, a Citroen CX, a Triumph Dolomite Sprint, and a Wolseley 'wedge'. I would bring also a Morris Marina Sun-Tor, a Daimler Double Six SIII, and also a Bentley S2 Continental MPW drophead.

And if you need to ask why those cars, or why I'd bring them from when they were new, you can't imagine why. It's one of those feelings that you need to experience to understand. I know a man who would bring back a Cortina MK1 Super and a Fiesta Supersport. It's the same thing. We all have our favourite classics, and for them to be factory fresh, to have that new car feel, it must be heaven.

Don't you agree?

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