Monday, 24 December 2007

XF - I want it more than ever

I know it's an old subject on this blog, but I'd like, if I may, to reflect once more upon the Jaguar XF.

Since my last blog upon the subject, I have read several road tests, and seen my namesake's review for BBC Top Gear. And it's promising; here, it seems, we have a car that has set a new benchmark, the car the next 5-Series has to beat.

I'm pleased. No, I'm ecstatic. I've always been a Jag man, and now we have the XF, I know that Jag has a good future. It's done exactly what they should have done with the S-type. When that was designed, they copied the MK2 in a retro, fussy way. With the XF, they have looked at the MK2 next to an XK150, and thought 'Right, let's do a 4dr version of our GT again'.

Not many of the old Jag fans I know agree with me though. They think it looks too like a Mazda6, too like a Mondeo. I reserved judgement until I saw a green one, my configuration, but I have seen a video of a green one, and it looks MIND-BLOWINGLY GORGEOUS.

I mentioned robbing a bank last time to raise funds. I've since reconsidered, as I'd not be able to afford the insurance until long after I'd been caught. But I will still have one. And every time one passes me in the street. I will turn, I will keep looking. And my heart will ache with longing until I finally realise this dream.

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