Friday, 28 September 2007

XF - now in colour

I came across the XF configurator recently, and having seen a few favourites, and a few of my least favourite colours, I can comment fully.

It is a gorgeous looking car, and whilst the configurator is, well, crap, it highlights that the car works in a hell of a lot of colours. I do love Emerald Fire, yet Winter Gold, Pearl Grey, and Azure Blue work well too.

The interior works in many of the colour schemes available, although I'm not over-enamoured with the 'Spice' tan seats.
Have a play on the configurator - just be warned, these things can go up to above sixty thousand pounds.

I really really want this car, it's a modern MK2. It's aspirational, contemporary, yet tasteful too. And from the rear 3/4 view it could be a 4dr version of one of Callum's other creations, the DB9

Now, I need a way of getting 60 grand cheap.
Anyone care to help me rob a bank?

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